YOU GOTTA LOVE the Web. Got a research project? You can find whatever you need on the Web, or at least find out where you should look -- or buy a book to read later. Bored? Ain't nuthin' like surfin' the Web from site to site. I have lots of links to material related to the content on my other pages, but here are a few of my favorite miscellaneous sites:

Center for the Study of Science Fiction Web Links Page

This is where I place most SF-related links I find. I update it just about every day!

A Motorcycle Ride Through Chernobyl

Wow. This is an photo-journal by a Russian (I think) motorcyclist who chronicled her ride through the wasteland created by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. She went there on vacation. It's the sort of place you'd go if you were in the mood to write Ballard-esque fiction (see his The Drowned World). I suspect it would change you.

Andy Duncan's Website

Andy is a fiction writer and one of my favorite people. If you see him at an SF convention, you must talk to him. You'll be pleased (tell him I sent you <g>). Charming and funny fellow.

Blue Crash Kit

Web comic. "Justice is cute!" Some friends of mine do this one, so give it a click.

Chopping Block

Web comic. "Because serial killers are people too," is the subtitle. The story of a boy and his mother... well, it's a little more complicated than that: He's an axe-murderer, and his mom's long-dead, and there's a plush toy you can buy... just go read it from the first comic (linked here) onward.

Cydonian Imperative

This is too fun - this site is maintained by wonks who are working on "An independent effort to assess possible extraterrestrial artifacts on Mars."

Cydonia Quest

More wonky Cydonian fun!

Get Fuzzy

Web comic. One of my favorites. You gotta love that silly ol' Satchel! And all cat owners know evil Bucky the cat. Their human Rob. Occasional friends and enemies. Together, they're a dysfunctional family.

George Bush

I had to join the movement to equate His Miserable Failure -ness with essays like this one from The Atlantic...

Miserable Failure

... and the linking wouldn't be complete without associating George Bush with this phrase.

How Stuff Works

This site is absolutely awesome if you want to know how an internal-combustion engine works, or a jet, or you-name-it.

What's happening in this town where we live (Lawrence, Kansas)? Check out the local newspaper.

Kij Johnson's Website

Kij has all kinds of great things here, including free poetry and stories, and she posts her notes from when she teaches fiction writing.

Lydia Ash's Website

Here Lydia posts photos of herself in costumes she made for her Renaissance Festival character and belly-dancing gigs.

My LiveJournal

Do you really want to hear about my mundane daily mutterings and political rants? Well, okay then. Check out my blog here.

Microsoft Reader eBook Software

Go here to download the free software for reading electronic books. It uses ClearType technology for print-quality text, allows for annotations and bookmarks, and lots more. Currently, you can download about a zillion free books (classics) from various sources, and new titles are coming out daily.

Only On Capitol Hill

A friend in Seattle (hi, Silver!) built this site. A grassroots view of the best neighborhood in the Northwest, where I used to live.

Penny Arcade!

Web comic about two gamer roommates roommates who love - er, I mean loathe - one another. Bears no resemblance to the truth... wait... oh, I mean the opposite of that. Links to the very first comic in 1998. The rest of the website includes game reviews etc.

Radiskull & Devil Doll!

Okay, if you don't love that cute little demon, sumthin's wrong with you!

Strindberg + Helium

Web comic. Surreal movie fun. Yin and yang. The Zen of comics.

Stupid Movie Physics

Great, serious, tongue-in-cheek analyses of how well various movies use physics. If you like physics, you'll love this site!

"The Rocket Guy's" Site

This Oregonian toy inventor plans to shoot himself to the upper reaches of the atmosphere aboard a home-made, hydrogen-peroxide rocketship. Sounds like a lunatic, okay, but doesn't the simplicity of his plan almost make you want to run out to the garage and start building...?

Powell's Online Bookstore

Here's the coolest bookstore in the world, Powell's. This place fills several blocks in Portland. If you love books, you must make the pilgrimage. Used shelved with new. Rare and paperbacks. The most awesome SF selection in the universe. Go.'s Online Bookstore

And of course here's a link to, the world's biggest bookstore where you can buy anything.

More to come soon