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1968 Chevelle SS396 Project:
Pulling the Old 4-Speed

A few steps closer to installing the new Hurst 6-speed T56 Magnum! The above photo is me in the winter of 2013, using a transmission jack to free the old 4-speed from the clutch and bellhousing. Note that the headers were a PITA, thus Lydia in this next shot, removing the driver's-side header so I could actually drop the tranny:

This shot shows the next stage (well, two stages later), after pulling the 4-speed, bellhousing, and clutch, freeing up access to the flywheel:

Trying to decide if I keep the heavy stock flywheel or go with something a bit lighter for quicker revs, to make the big-block feel more responsive to throttle input. On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for a heavy flywheel when you're stopped at a light on a hill....

For the next stage - installing the new T-56! - I just (July 16, 2014) put the car up on a pair of QuickJacks to make access a lot simpler:

For some context, here's the Hurst T-56 Magnum 6-speed side-by-side with the old 4-speed (and the bellhousing, above [plus some exhaust pipe for the Newport]). The T-56 is about twice as long, and a bit heavier, too:

You can barely even see the 4-speed hidden behind the T-56 in this shot - it's a lot taller, too, hence the need to cut the old floor to fit the beast behind the 396:

Rustproofing, undercoating, painting, and rear-end reassembly! Then off with the front suspension....