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Shiny and red!

HERE'S MY NEWEST motorcycle! It's a 1978 BMW R100S. I've been in love with this era of BMWs for decades, and found this one on eBay, my great downfall and hobby. I didn't meet the reserve, but the seller agreed to my offer afterward.

My friend Adam, a long-time BMW owner and engineering type, drove to Kansas City with me to check it out. He asked many excellent questions and took it for a test ride. When he returned, he told me that I would be crazy not to buy it. So here it is, in my driveway! And here's a shot of me on the bike a couple of winters later:

Note the Crossfire parked behind it; also note that my carport is missing in this photo. Yes, I live in Kansas where tornadoes tear down flimsy structures. I now have a much more stable carport attached to the garage, protecting this portion of the driveway from hail and damaging stuff.

Finally I have a motorcycle that I can ride for an hour (as tested so far) without pain from vibration - woohoo! This bike has been repainted in places to simple red, but it should be a fade from orange up front to red at the rear. First, though, I need to find a proper S fairing - luckily a place makes replicas, so I'm set.

Next up after installing the fairing: A long road trip!