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Now THAT'S a scooter!

HERE'S MY FIRST SCOOTER, a 1998 Aprilia RS50, the world's fastest... well, 50cc scooter. It was Aprilia's way of celebrating their 250cc Grand Prix victory, an almost-exact replica of the non-street-legal RS250, except for the pint-sized engine.

This thing is a hoot to ride! It's a full-sized sport bike, with 6 gears, clutch, radiator, front and rear disks, and everything else you'd expect on a motorcycle. But it's also 49.5cc's, which means it's legally a scooter and can be parked at bicycle racks on campus. Talk about convenience!

I get so many looks and comments on this thing, because you just don't see many around. I bought it, like, two days before moving to Kansas: A guy was trying to sell it to a neighbor, who decided against it. A couple of days later, I was loading it into the back of the U-Haul between the Bandit and the Speed Triple. Sweet!

Since getting it, I upped cylinder capacity to 80cc - a huge improvement in both torque and horsepower. An aftermarket header, bigger carb, and carbon-fiber reed set really lets it breathe! Sadly, this is also the bike I was riding when a damn fool turned left in front of me. It's a bit banged-up, as was my shoulder (the epic of my accident lives on my Dreamwidth and LJ blogs).