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Gallery of Motorcycles:
MH900e #1510

(the one I briefly owned the rights to...)

A limited-edition Ducati Mike Hailwood 900evoluzione 900cc showbike which I bought for, I think, $2000, with approximately $12,600 to be paid to the Ducati Seattle dealer on delivery.

The Ducati MH900e is a unique combination of classic and futuristic design. Essentially a limited-production factory showbike, the MH900e is Ducati's and designer Pierre Terblanche's tribute to legendary race ace Mike Hailwood, who drove a similarly styled Ducati to a historic victory at the Isle of Man TT in 1978.

This bike is only slightly modified from the design that stole the Intermot Munich Motorcycle Show in 1999. What's really original about this bike is that it captures the essence of the historic bikes of Hailwood's era and combines this emotion with leading-edge design and engineering. This bike shows off its sexy Desmo Twin engine and other mechanicals, such as its inspired frame and swingarm, yet its electricals are neatly contained within the engine case.

At midnight on New Year's Day 2000, Ducati became the first manufacturer ever to launch a new motorcycle exclusively on the Web. Within thirty minutes, the entire first year's production was sold out, and within the next few weeks, the rest of the limited-edition production of 2000 units was snapped up. Overnight, Ducati became the largest e-tailer in Italy. Only about 400 of the MH900e's are coming to the United States, so this is about as exclusive as they get. The special Ducati MH900e factory hand-assembles each bike -- all-Italian heart and soul. Take a look at this Ducati article: "A Day in the Assembly Workshop."

This beautiful bike was recently awarded the Design Distinction in Consumer Products Award during the 46th I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, the oldest and most prestigious design competition in the US.

In 2001, I sold my rights to Ducati MH900e #1510. I think this is the most gorgeous motorcycle ever made, which is why I bought it... but then we were moving and I could no longer afford this great machine. You'll see me scooting around on my GS1150ES or H2-750 for a while longer. But you will ride with pride on your gleaming red Mike Hailwood 900evoluzione: almost certainly the only Internet-sold, limited-edition, hand-built showbike rumbling along the streets of your town! Your fellow Ducatisti will be green with envy: Oh, is that your 996? Shame about the twenty other 996's around town.... Of course, you could just leave it in the box to appreciate in value, but that's no way to treat a beauty like this! Heck, just unpack it and let it live in your livingroom - the coolest modern art!

This bike is scheduled to be sent to Ducati Seattle. If you (or someone you know) have a PIN number for one of these bikes, you can look me up in the official Ducati MH900e Registry at the Ducati Web site. I'm Chris / United States / Seattle / approved. If you prefer, this bike can be reassigned to another dealer if Ducati Seattle agrees to the transfer.

I'll also include the official MH900e T-shirt that Ducati sent a few weeks ago (custom-emblazoned with your bike's number 1510 on the front), a rare Maisto 1:18 scale model of this bike that Ducati sent me for Christmas, plus several magazines with rave articles on this bike.

When the bike arrived at the dealer of choice in (almost certainly) the winter of 2001, 13,500� (Eurobucks, worth $12,600 when I wrote this) will be due to the Ducati dealership (not me). I have already paid the down-payment of 1500� when I secured my order - back then the Eurobuck was worth more than a US dollar, though now it's only worth about 90 US cents, and dropping! The $3900 I'm asking is slightly below average for what the transferred rights for MH900e's are selling for right now. This bike will be a bargain if the Euro continues to drop in value. Check out the comparative value of dollars and Eurobucks at this site.

Some tech specs:

  • 904cc Desmo Twin engine
  • Fuel injection
  • 6-speed transmission
  • 79 horsepower (8000 RPM)
  • 76 newton-meters torque (6500 RPM)
  • 150MPH top speed
  • Sexiest stainless steel exhaust ever made
  • Dual 320mm floating front disks, 4-piston calipers
  • 220mm rear disk
  • Sleek five-spoke alloy wheels, 17" front and rear
  • 43mm upside-down forks
  • Gorgeous tubular steel trellis frame
  • Single-sided swingarm
  • Only 410 pounds
  • Graceful analog tach, centrally mounted in cockpit
  • Digital speedo and clock
  • Gauges for high beam, turn signals, neutral, fuel level
  • 2-year, unlimited mileage factory warranty

After I sold it via eBay, I transferred all rights. *sigh* It also came with PIN number, and Ducati even sent birthday messages and free invitations to races and official Ducati activities! I also included the numbered shirt, model, and magazines.

Here are links to official Ducati sites and some cool Web sites about Mike Hailwood and the MH900e:

  • The official Ducati Web site.
  • The official Ducati MH900e Web site.
  • Really cool photo-documentary page of the MH900e's design evolution: the original Mike Hailwood TT winner and the new bike.
  • The official Web site about Mike "The Bike" Hailwood.
  • eGroups MH900e mailing list.
  • World Ducati Weekend: This is when the MH900e made its world debut.
  • One guy's page about Mike Hailwood.
  • A Japanese guy's page about his MH900e.
  • 1:18 scale model dealer.
  • Finally, here's the link to the Owner's Registry. You'll be able to access owner's-only sites from here when I transfer my information to you!

  • The very-cool model below on the also-very-cool custom shirt is 1:18 scale by Maisto, and the box bears labeling: "DUCATI SEATTLE, 711 NINTH AVE. N., SEATTLE. WA 98109, Tel: 206 298-9995, Web: Ducati Seattle sent me this model wrapped for Christmas of last year.

    Ducati even sent a weekly progress update via email, and occasional cards or emails out of the blue and for holidays and birthdays... nice customer service.

    One of a kind shirt, numbered with bike. Model with Ducati Seattle labeling. One of a kind shirt, numbered with bike. Model with Ducati Seattle labeling. One of a kind shirt, numbered with bike. Model with Ducati Seattle labeling. One of a kind shirt, numbered with bike. Model with Ducati Seattle labeling.