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Not the best formatting, but I wanted to share my various space and rocketry-related links with y'all. I'll add text to explain these more as I find time to do so. In the meantime, all you hard-engineering-buffs, enjoy!

Some of these are getting old; check out my blog tags for tons more great rockets and spaceships:



Space Exploration

The Space Age
Want your own aircar? Read all about it here!
Andrews Space company.
All about NASA in Kansas (really).
Awesome! Hubble Space Telescope photos.
NASA's interplanetary photojournal of the Solar System: All JPL has built and the photographs those craft have taken. Nice!
These guys are taking reservations for flights into space. Yes, now!
Everything about the world's space programs, past and present, including news and photos about rockets and missions.
The "High Frontier Artshow" by artist Don Davis. Cool studies of life on an orbiting space station.
All about things space-y. Commercial-oriented, news-oriented, fun and graphics-heavy. I'm glad it exists.
Book on small liquid rocketry.
Great resource for tech info.
Links to worldwide launch vehicles.
Proposed launch vehicles.
Civilian rocketeers.
Water rocket -- separate H and O using heat from solid igniter.
Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion (M2P2).
Like it says, tech papers!
Lots of tech info, including formulations.
Rocket computer programs to download free.
These guys show all, including mechanical drawings, of their hybrid rocket.
Space Kitten!