Short Fiction Reading List

For the 2015 summer Institute, we will study the first four of the six volumes of The Road to Science Fiction, edited by James Gunn.

Required reading (any of the editions listed are acceptable, though the newest editions have updated content):

New volumes (not required reading):

Some of these volumes might be difficult to find, so students are urged to seek out copies early and, when books are out of print, search used bookstores and online services (the links above go to and Powell's Books). The University of Kansas Jayhawk Ink Bookstore tries to always have copies of these books on hand. Address:

Jayhawk Ink Bookstore, Kansas Union, Lawrence KS 66045. Phone: 1-800-458-1111


You can also order the revised editions of the first four volumes directly from Scarecrow Press: Use the Quick Search keywords "James Gunn."

updated 2/9/2015