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Campbell Conference 2005

"Science Fiction Past, Present, and Future"

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This summer's Campbell Conference was held July 7-10, 2005 as the Campbell Conference is the concluding event of the Writers Workshop in Science Fiction and the beginning of the Intensive Institute onthe Teaching of Science Fiction. The topic this year was, "Science Fiction Past, Present, and Future: How writers, teachers, and editors shape science fiction, and where SF may be going as a result of these personal influences." The Campbell Conference, held regularly at the University of Kansas since 1973, provides a setting for the presentation of three science-fiction honors:

Beginning in 2004, winners of both awards receive trophies. Starting in 2005, only the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards will be given during the Conference, with the Hall of Fame inductions moving to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. The Center for the Study of Science Fiction continues to sponsor the Conference, which takes place at the University of Kansas.

Campbell and Sturgeon awards

The 2005 Conference hosted a number of science fiction notables:

  • Robin Wayne Bailey is the author of fantasy and science fiction works. He has served on the Board of Directors of SFWA and was recently elected President, was a key player in the 1996 creation of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame, and is on the advisory board of the new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. Robin Wayne Bailey lives in Kansas City, MO.
  • Bradley Denton has been nominated for every major award in the genre. His work won the Campbell Award in 1992, the Prix .38 Calibre in 1993, and the World Fantasy Award in 1995, and was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award. Because his personal site is temporarily down, here is another bio of Mr. Denton.
  • James Gunn is a science fiction author and historian, KU professor emeritus of English, and director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction. He is a past president of SFWA and is chair of the Campbell Award jury to select the best science-fiction novel of the year. Dr. Gunn is on the advisory board of the SF Museum and Hall of Fame and lives in Lawrence, KS.
  • Karen Hellekson is a science-fiction scholar and author, with two books and several articles under her belt. Her particular specialty is "slash" fan fiction.
  • Kij Johnson is author of several fantasy and SF novels and short stories. She teaches writing and science fiction writing, is a Sturgeon Award juror (and former winner), and assists at the Science Fiction Writers Workshop. She has won the Sturgeon Award and has been nominated for many other SF awards. Ms. Johnson lives in Lawrence, KS, where she is an Associate Director of the Center for the Study of SF.
  • Christopher McKitterick is an SF author and scholar on the faculty of the University of Kansas. Chris also serves as an Associate Director of the Center for the Study of SF and is webmaster of the Center's website.
  • Ann Tonsor Zeddies, author of several novels (some under the name of "Toni Anzetti"), is regularly a finalist for the Philip K. Dick award for best paperback SF.
  • This year's Campbell and Sturgeon Award winners (if they are able to attend).
  • Others to be announced as their plans firm.

The Conference usually brings to campus the winners of the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards as special guests, and long-time CSSF friends Frederik Pohl and his wife, Elizabeth Anne Hull, a former president of SFRA and a Campbell juror; however, due to illness, they were not able to attend in 2005.

The Kansas Union Oread Bookstore also usually holds a signing for the attending authors on the Saturday of the Conference. See the full schedule of events for more information. All Conference attendees were able to pick up a copy of the Sturgeon Award-winning short story at the Bookstore during the signing.

updated 5/24/2007