Campbell Conference and Awards Ceremony
July 6-8, 2007

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Campbell Award winners and Hall of Fame inductees
Special Guests from 2004
George Zebrowski (Campbell Award 1999 winner and Sturgeon Award juror), Frederik Pohl (the only two-time Campbell winner, 1978 and 1985), Gregory Benford (Campbell 1981), Jack McDevitt (Campbell 2004), Brian Aldiss (1983 Campbell winner, SF&F Hall of Fame inductee, and First Fandom Hall of Fame inductee), and Hall of Fame inductee Harry Harrison. Aldiss and Harrison created the Campbell Award in 1972. Photo courtesy Karen Gunn.

The 2007 Campbell Conference took place in Conjunction with the Heinlein Centennial Convention and the SFRA Conference at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center & Westin Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 6-7-8, 2007. The Campbell Conference is part of the academic track of the Centennial along with the SFRA Conference, and attendees of the academic track are welcome to attend regular functions of the rest of the joint event. Stay tuned for updates and information. For registration information, see the registration and costs section below.

The 2007 Campbell Conference will be held July 6 - 8, 2007. The topic was, "Robert A. Heinlein, Jack Williamson, and 21st Century Science Fiction." The previous year's topic was, "The state of the SF novel," with a keynote address on the subject by Lou Anders and George Zebrowski (you can find a transcript of his talk here). We are now planning this year's Conference, so check back for updates. Note that you will need to present your Conference identification for most events.

NOTE: The Campbell Conference is now sold out! But you may still attend all activities via the Heinlein Centennial Celebration or the SFRA Conference. See those groups for more information.

Your registration for the Campbell Conference gets you into all of the public Heinlein Centennial and SFRA events except those that require extra fees (such as the Gala Banquet on Saturday evening and the SFRA business meeting). If you wish to present a paper during the SFRA Conference, be sure to register with them.

Special Guests for 2007

The Conference usually brings to campus the winners of the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards as special guests. CSSF Director James Gunn is our permanent special guest, and CSSF Associate Director and SF author Christopher McKitterick has participated since 1992.

Note: This is a preliminary list that will grow and likely change as planning progresses. Guests expected for the joint 2007 Campbell Conference, SFRA Conference, and Heinlein Centennial include the following luminaries:

  • Robin Wayne Bailey is a fantasy and science fiction author and current president of SFWA. Mr. Bailey was a key player in the 1996 creation of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame, and is on the advisory board of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. Mr. Bailey is also the Master of Ceremonies for the Heinlein Centennial.
  • SpaceShipOne pilot Brian Binnie.
  • Ben Bova is author of more than 100 books, President Emeritus of the National Space Society, and a past president of SFWA.  Dr. Bova received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation in 2005, for fueling mankinds imagination regarding the wonders of outer space. He was editorial director of Omni and editor of Analog, and he received the Hugo for Best Professional Editor six times.
  • Michael Cassutt is a novelist, columnist, and screenwriter who has worked to bring Heinlein's projects to the screens.
  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke, joining via video.
  • X Prize Founder and Heinlein Prize winner Dr. Peter Diamandis.
  • Science-fiction author David Gerrold.
  • Science fiction author Kathleen Ann Goonan.
  • NASA Administrator Dr. Michael Griffin.
  • James Gunn is a science fiction author and historian, KU professor emeritus of English, director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, and recently named SFWA Grand Master. He is a past president of SFWA and is chair of the Campbell Award jury to select the best science-fiction novel of the year. Dr. Gunn is on the advisory board of the SF Museum and Hall of Fame.
  • Elizabeth Anne Hull is an author, politician, past president of the Science Fiction Research Association, and noted scholar in the field.
  • Frederik Pohl has been involved in science fiction since the 1930s as a fan, magazine editor, and author. He is a SFWA Grand Master, was inducted into the Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame in 1998, and is a Sturgeon Award juror. Mr. Pohl is a long-time friend of the Center.
  • Jeanne Robinson will be previewing her Stardance zero-gee dance film.
  • Spider Robinson, co-author (with Robert Heinlein) of Variable Star and much more.
  • Hugo-nominated author John Scalzi.
  • Allen Steele is a prolific science-fiction author who has won the Hugo Award twice.
  • Robert Charles Wilson is a Canadian science-fiction author who won the 2002 Campbell Award for The Chronoliths and the 2006 Hugo for Spin (which also earned 2nd place for the Campbell Award).
  • The year's Campbell and Sturgeon Award winners.

You can find the full list of guests here.

Schedule of Events

Please note that this schedule will grow and change as we firm up plans and guests. All academic-track events (Campbell Conference and SFRA Conference) will take place at the Kansas City Westin Crown Center Hotel. Heinlein Centennial events will take place at the Hyatt Regency Crown Hotel. Be sure to check the Heinlein Centennial schedule of events and SFRA presentations schedule to plan your weekend.

Short Story Contest
The Heinlein Centennial is having a short story contest for both amateurs and professionals. Cash prizes for the winners! Click here for more information.

Thursday, July 5
       We will conclude our Writer's Workshop on this day to allow interested workshoppers to attend the first day of the SFRA Conference, "Celebrating the Golden Age of Science Fiction."

Friday, July 6
       Open time to attend the SFRA Conference presentations and Heinlein Centennial events.

Friday evening, July 6
       7pm - 9pm: Awards Ceremony for John Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year and the Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short SF of the year. This year, the SFRA Awards Presentation will take place in conjunction with the CSSF awards.
       Hotel-room reception to follow.

Saturday, July 7
       9am - noon: Round-table Campbell Conference discussion.
     This year's topic: "Robert A. Heinlein, Jack Williamson, and 21st Century Science Fiction."
       We will join the SFRA Conference presentations and Heinlein Centennial events after concluding our discussion. 
       5pm - 6:30pm: Heinlein Centennial Gala Banquet (requires separate admission).

Sunday, July 8
       Open time to attend the SFRA Conference presentations and Heinlein Centennial events.

The Campbell Conference is the concluding event of the Writers Workshop in Science Fiction and the beginning of the Intensive Institute onthe Teaching of Science Fiction. Held regularly at the University of Kansas since 1973, the Conference provides a setting for the presentation of three science-fiction honors:

Beginning in 2004, winners of both awards receive trophies. Starting in 2005, the Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductions moved to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. The Center for the Study of Science Fiction continues to sponsor the Conference and Awards ceremony, which take place at the University of Kansas, and we may resume involvement with the Hall of Fame in other ways; stay tuned for news.

Campbell and Sturgeon awards


If you wish to attend the special 2007 activities, the costs are listed below. Make your reservation early and save! We implemented this sliding scale starting last year due to losses incurred from late registrations and to reward early-bird registration. See the Housing section, below, for information about staying in our official housing.

  • If we receive your check before June 10, 2007:
    - The full Conference is $28 for all of the activities - Conference membership (including full access to the Heinlein Centennial), Awards Ceremony on Friday night, and hotel-suite celebration - except the Gala Dinner on Saturday night (you may purchase that through the Heinlein Centennial).

  • If we receive your check between June 11 - start of the Conference:
    - The full Conference is $35 for all of the activities - Conference membership (including full access to the Heinlein Centennial), Awards Ceremony on Friday night, and hotel-suite celebration - except the Gala Dinner on Saturday night on Saturday night (you may purchase that Banquet through the Heinlein Centennial). NOTE: We only had 30 memberships available, and they are all now sold out!

To attend some or all of these activities, please send a check made out to
Center for the Study of Science Fiction (CSSF will do) to:

c/o Chris McKitterick
English Department
University of Kansas
Wescoe Hall
1445 Jayhawk Blvd, Room 3116
Lawrence Kansas 66045-7590

Events outside of the Kansas Union are open to the public, but you must be a registered Conference attendee to attend most events. Lunches and dinners are usually held off-campus and are not provided by the Conference; however, the Center provides some snacks and beverages for the Saturday morning event and the off-campus evening receptions on Friday and Saturday.

Your Campbell Conference registration includes the Conference activities, the Friday night Awards Ceremony, and access to all Heinlein Centennial and SFRA activities.

Feel free to drop us an email with any questions.

Housing for the 2007 Campbell Conference

This year, our housing will be at the Kansas City Westin Crown Center Hotel. Rates are currently $96/night for double occupancy, with a $10 charge for each additional person staying in the room. Note that they also charge for parking. Be sure to make your room reservations ASAP!

Contact information for the Kansas City Westin Crown Center Hotel:
1 East Pershing Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
United States
Phone: (816) 474-4400
Fax: (816) 391-4438


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