Science Fiction
Research Resources at KU

This is your knowledge base for researching science fiction! Here are a few SF research resources available at KU and this website:

Special collection of SF manuscripts, papers, books, magazines, and much more.
Research resources on this website.
My SF lending library.

Special SF Collection

The University of Kansas Spencer Research Library houses the Special Science Fiction Collection of books, magazines, manuscripts, fan publications, and other materials available for SF scholars. Our collection is the the North American repository for World SF, the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA), the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), and the Science Fiction Oral History Association.

Other highlights include large manuscript collections of the work, including the new Theodore Sturgeon and William S. Burroughs acquisitions, among many others:

Check with Spencer Library to see if they have catalogued the work you wish to study (note that some of their collections are still uncatalogued). Some resources for using the collection:

Other SF Resources

For more information about SF research, check out the KU Libraries Guide to SF, Fantasy, and Horror Literature reference page.

Some useful research materials, references, links, and articles:

SF Lending Library

My office contains a large (and growing) collection of fiction, nonfiction, critical collections, magazines, photos, audio, video, and much more. Check it out! We have begun cataloguing our books on LibraryThing. Want to help? We're looking for a few volunteers with library or cataloging experience to help catalog decades of unprocessed SF materials. If you are interested, please contact us for more information!

Chris McKitterick ( )

Also, if you are interested in donating manuscripts or other materials to either our Special SF collection or the Lending Library, drop me an email.

updated 12/2/2014