Science Fiction Resources

Follow the links or headings below to find lots of great resources:

SF Websites and Other Resources

An extensive and detailed list of science fiction websites and other resources for scholars, writers, and fans.

A Basic Science Fiction Library

A comprehensive, annotated list of some of the most important works in the history of science fiction.

Research Center and Office

A glimpse into a diverse library of SF scholarly works, novels, magazines, photographs, recordings, and much more.

Research Collection

A fantastic research collection of manuscripts, papers, books, and lots more at the Spencer Library in Lawrence.

DVDs and Online Videos

A variety of science fiction videos and multimedia available for your viewing pleasure - lots more coming soon.

Social Media Sites

The SF Center doesn't just live here - we're engaged all over the Web! A few of our most-used sites:

  Primary Facebook page - main Facebook page for posting events, awards and other SF news, and more. We also host several other specialized Facebook pages and groups.

  Primary Twitter page - main hangout on Twitter.

  Lawrence Science Fiction Club Facebook group - regional SF news, story ideas, cool science, fan stuff, and lots more. Local SF authors and fans often post about upcoming gatherings and social events here, too.

If you're an alum of our programs, you can request to join the Young Gunns Google Group - it's very active.

...and stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter, mailing list, and interactive website.

updated 8/19/2018